Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mission Statement - Maximize Happiness

I started this post back in May of 2012.  Since a few of you have JUST started pushing me to blog again, I'll post this, with the acknowledgement that Much Has Changed...

One of these days, I may actually blog regularly.  Or not.  I've been doing a LOT of contemplating of my life recently (as in "over the last six months"), and really should get at least some of this out on paper (or pixels in the virtual world or whatnot).

One thing that has been hitting me over the head is in regards to directions in anything one does - professionally, physically (I may be starting weight training very soon), spiritually, whatever.  It goes with one my maxims that you can't decide what path to take until you have some idea where you want to end up.  For most people, their "direction" is simply "I want my life to better than it is now" with the assumption that "better" is the same as "different".  This has often led to some truly stupid life decisions (I suspect many broken marriages stem from this mistaken belief, for one, not to mention job changes).  It gets manifested in a "the grass is always greener" mode of thinking.

Regarding weight training, I can set up the basics of a program, and at least at first there shouldn't be much need to get into detail - I want to be in better physical shape for a variety of reasons, and at my current low level of fitness any well-designed program will accomplish that (heck, even a poorly designed program will do that). It will likely be months before I hit a point where I'll have to refine things beyond that.

So, I'd posted that, and stopped.  I'll get to the point in another post, but I'll note that I started weight training, did it for a few months and had some great progress but also some minor injury that required watching and impacted lifting, but then the nearby gym closed down and then bought a house and I haven't done a thing in almost 3 years.  Rah.

Story of my life - I start things and don't finish them, I do partial efforts instead of following everything through.  Anyway, more on the next post...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Watch This Space For Further Announcements

So, I was considering blogging, set this thing up, then let it sit.  I may be about ready to dive in.  Or not.  THBS, I should follow one of my axioms "Don't Let The Perfect Be The Enemy Of The Good".

News for now -

A) I still have a job.  This came into doubt back in January, shortly after my initial blog post.
B) House is under contract, but we'll see if it remains so.
C) Moving of Goods has to be worked out.  Right now there's a conflict.
D) I've stopped drinking soda and am All About The Water right now, in preparation for possibly doing the whole fitness Thang.  One of my intermaweb friends has started down that path with considerable success so far.

Beyond that, I'll soon do the standard "Who am I?" and all that.  I figure nobody even knows this exists save for one other person, but ya neverknow.  It's the internet and who knows what people read.  Which is another reason to possibly limit blogging, but...well, we'll see.

Monday, January 16, 2012